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Huh huh -filmi, founded in 1999 by Maarit Lalli, started as a one-woman screenwriting business. Lalli is still in command, and today the company also produces films, TV series and music videos.

The first feature film produced by the company, ALMOST 18, premiered in 2012 and received the Jussi Award, the Finnish equivalent of the Oscars, for best film. Maarit Lalli also won the Jussi for best screenplay and best director. That success inspired Lalli to continue on the same path – to cover every aspect of filmmaking; from an impossible start to achieving the impossible.

Huh huh -filmi currently has three features in production, all very different from one another: LE GRAND SANCY, a film and TV series about Aurora Karamzin, the creator of Finnish social policy. The project is a coproduction with Edith Film and First Floor Productions. HONEYBUNNIES is about a private detective specializing in cheating spouses. NOKIA – MADE IN FINLAND is the story of a company that becomes a national treasure.

Huh huh -filmi focuses on producing films written and directed by Maarit Lalli.

‘Huh huh,’ Finnish for ‘whew,’ is a simple and useful expression. You can hear it in any kind of situation, from anybody. The power in it comes from the emotion and attitude of the speaker. The tone of voice reveals what has just happened. That's the goal of Huh huh -filmi; to convey emotions and events but to also entertain, to tell about something familiar and recognizable from a new, slightly twisted angle. The matter of honor for Huh huh -filmi is to send the viewer home shaken, but feeling good.

— Maarit Lalli —